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Our goal is to make the process of buying, selling, or owning a home efficient, enjoyable and rewarding for you.

See what our clients have said about our REALTORS® and our real estate services…

happy maxvalue clients

Tony Feijoo (MAXVALUE, REALTORS) was recommended by one of our ex-neighbors and their line was “Tony is the best, he is very honest and will ‘fight’ for his clients”. From the day one when I met Tony to see the house to the settlement day (and after) he was really the best agent a customer could hope for. Tony understood our situation, provided great advice and service. He was always on top of every single step during the sales process, always extremely friendly, professional and utmost honest. I would definitely recommend Tony and MAXVALUE REALTORS to anyone, because I know that Tony will always do the best to make his clients achieve their goals.

Leo F.

I want to thank you so much for helping me with my home sale in Lovettsville this past year. Your and Jacki’s ability to determine what needed to be done in order to make the best presentation of my home plus the wide marketing you did were the key elements that caused my home to be sold in such a short time. The brochures were beautiful, and the presentation on the various websites was superb. I still see “likes” appearing on the Facebook page.

The negotiation process was not something I could have handled on my own. Your knowledge of the market and your ability to handle difficult negotiation situations was another key to the sale of the home. Without you, I think the house would still be on the market!!

In addition, the purchase of my new home couldn’t have been a smoother transaction. You researched the market and determined a fair offer price which was accepted immediately and everything fell into place from there. I will definitely call you first if I ever sell again and will recommend you to my friends looking for a real estate agent.

Cindy S.

As first time homeowners, we were blessed to have Tony Feijoo as our REALTOR. Tony was knowledgeable, honest, well connected, motivated, and a stickler when it came to upholding ethical standards. Tony ensured that we were well informed every step of the way and that our family’s best interest was his priority. For instance; after identifying the property we now call home, we experienced some nuisances during the financing phase. Tony immediately requested an extension of contract contingencies to safeguard our earnest deposit and kept us connected with professionals that would make our dream a reality today. Tony’s real estate brokerage acumen gives his clients an edge in the real estate market and today our family is reaping those benefits. We highly recommend Tony Feijoo.

Carlton and Anna

Tony Feijoo has lived up to providing the maximum value to my wife and I, through helping to sell our first house while we were overseas, to finding our next house after returning. Tony has an eye for properties and an ability to discern and articulate their actual value. Whether that property is one you are selling, and what it needs to be ready for the market. Equally, when you are looking for your next property. He can spot when a house is over-listed, and identify all the small problems that are going to be a bother during/after the sale. His help for us has been invaluable, and we highly recommend him to anyone entering, exiting, or transfering the Northern Virginia housing market.

Tim & Bev M.

Christine and I enjoyed working with you and MAXVALUE, REALTORS as well as getting to meet Jacki. You kept our best interests at heart during the entire buying process and made everything run smoothly for Christine and myself all the way through the settlement. We love the new house and can’t thank you enough for all of your hard work and attention to detail. We will definitely recommend MAXVALUE, REALTORS to all of our friends and new neighbors. Thanks Again!


Chip & Christine

This is our second time working with Tony. The first time we worked with Tony, we enjoyed his honesty and patience helping us to ensure we bought the right amount of house, at the right price, and in the right neighborhood. These qualities led us right back to Tony when we desired an upgrade for our expanding family. We found our new house by accident on We decided to visit the open house, and upon viewing decided we just had to have it. That night we called Tony. Being brutally honest, he told us he would not sell us a house until he had personally looked at it. So the next afternoon, we met Tony at the house and did a quick walk though. Before we left, Tony told us, “if you want this, we will have to place an offer soon and the asking price is what this property will sell for.” (In the Northern Virginia marketplace, good properties at a good price sell very quickly.) That night, we talked to his mortgage guy Craig. Craig helped us crunch the numbers and we got a pre-approval that evening. The next morning, we put in an offer. (Three other offers came in that same day.) We got the house because Tony knows the area, knows the market, and knows how to write solid contracts!
Tony’s real estate knowledge also helped us sell our existing townhouse. Tony came in and told us about his system and gave us some realistic estimates of what we could expect. (We exceeded his best estimate at closing.) He said, “if you fix what I tell you to fix, and we price it correctly, it will fly like an eagle.” After a quick inspection, Tony called up his contractors, who provided reasonable rates to do the work. Within 12 hours of the listing hitting the Internet, we had our first visitors, within 36 hours we had eight different visitors, and shortly thereafter we had a ratified contract. We fully trust Tony and would highly recommend him to anyone looking to buy or sell a house in Northern Virginia.

Ken and Ann

Tony & Craig,

I want to express my gratitude again for your outstanding service to me over the past 8+ months. The buying process would not have gone so smoothly without the careful guidance and support you provided me during this time. I am humbled by the amount of hard work and long hours both of you put in to make this happen for me and do not take it lightly. I will certainly refer anyone and everyone that I know of who may be buying, selling, or refinancing to the two of you and give them my highest recommendation.

Thanks very much.

Kevin W

Tony Feijoo came highly recommended from at least 4 of our friends who used him to buy or sell their homes. In our case, we were slightly under water on the mortgage at our condominium, and wanted to maximize the sales price so we didn’t have to pay the bank to get it off our hands. We already settled in our new home and were eager to avoid paying two mortgages.

We asked Tony to be brutally honest with us and aggressive wherever possible to ensure that we got the highest sale price possible and to move the process along quickly. We also asked Tony for advice on what improvements should (and shouldn’t) be made to the property, and not only did he do that, but he recommended various painters, carpet cleaners, etc who all did good work at very reasonable rates (better rates than contractors we contacted on our own). This one stop shopping relationship was very helpful to us because Tony made the process of preparing the property as painless as possible. It was all worth it in the end, because we had a several offers on the property within days of being on the market, and were under contract after only 11 days. When the buyer wanted to push back the sales date (requiring us to pay that condo mortgage again) Tony went to bat for us and ensured that the closing date was scheduled so we could meet our family commitments and complete the sale on schedule without additional cost to us.

From start to finish, Tony was a pleasure to work with. There is no question that we will keep in touch in case we ever need to buy or sell a property again, or just to ask for his advice on home renovations.

Matt and Kim V.

First and foremost Craig is a relationship first professional. Tony will and has gone over and beyond the call of duty not only for me but my family. Recently I went through a divorce and Tony sold my house in two days! AND managed the clean up to ensure the buyers were satisfied.

Tony is a get it done Man and you can count on him 100%.

Doug D.

A referral from a friend brought Tony Feijoo into our lives as we were considering listing our house for sale last summer. We had already interviewed three Real Estate agents familiar with sales in our neighborhood, but were disappointed by their negative outlook when it came to arriving at a fair price for our home. They brought us “comparables” that we felt did not match the true nature of our home, some $60,000.00 lower than our estimated fair price. They included older homes with fewer upgrades and less than optimal condition. Tony understood our point of view and was willing to list our house at a fair price. Three weeks later the first offer arrived, a solid offer, which we accepted without countering!

Because Tony is detailed oriented and efficient, we were able to dedicate all our energy to the multiple details that an international move entails. It also helps that Tony has a no nonsense approach when it comes to letting you know what needs to be done to show the property at its best.
We are now on our way, thanks Tony!

Paul and Hilda C.

Dear Tony

I’d like to express to you my appreciation for all the time and hard work you put into handling the sale of our home. Your expertise during this whole process far exceeded my expectations. Thanks to you it was a smooth transition from my home to a wonderful new home.

Working with you, without a doubt, was a wonderful experience because so many things can go wrong. I have to say how professional and knowledgeable you are in every aspect of the selling, buying, and renting of homes, etc. Your persistence and following through on details is amazing.

I knew that we had chosen the right person, when I heard your presentation. It was clear and precise as to what you had to offer and what needed to be done. We were impressed as to how you got all parties involved to stick to their schedules.

It was hard to believe that during our trouble economy that our home was under contract within 28 days and we were closing the deal approximately 31 days later. We realize that you went that extra mile to help us make difficult decisions along the way and guide me through the many steps that had to be done on time. Most of all, your calmness and kindness through all of this was good for the soul. Thank you.

Very Grateful

Cheryl K.

We would like to use this opportunity to express our profound gratitude to Tony Feijoo and Briel PC Attorneys for their guidance and assistance during our short sale. From the listing to the closing, they were always giving regular updates and always on top of the situation. We did not regret choosing Tony as our REALTOR®, because he knows the job and his expertise is second to none . Tony, Keep up the good work.

Grace and Chris.

Tony, you have truly been a blessing to me. I appreciate all of your hard work and dedication in helping me find the right house. For me, this was exremely stressful, but you helped make my first home buying experience rewarding. I’m truly grateful to have you serve as my Broker.

Many Blessings,

Christine D.

Tony and the staff at MaxValue were great. From our first contact on the internet through the completion of the sale, Tony maintained unwavering focus on helping us purchase our home. We had a narrow window of time to move. Tony sent multiple iterations of MLS listings until he had a good feel for what we were looking. When we came out to northern Virginia, we looked at dozens of houses in just a few days. Tony’s experience and critical eye were helpful to guiding us away from homes with issues that might not have been readily apparent to others. When we settled on our home of choice, Tony worked our contract to be competitive with two other offers. Tony’s contacts with lenders got us a very competitive mortgage. Tony was a terrific advocate who truly cared about getting us into the right home.

Gary and Wendy W.

I have done several moves, including many military and a couple corporate relocations. I can confidently say that Tony Feijoo was BY FAR the best Broker/Agent I’ve ever had. His dedication, tenacity, and attention to detail in ensuring we got the right home no matter what it took was absolutely outstanding! He went above and beyond throughout all phases of the process, maintained constant communication, and was always available when I needed him. The time and energy he put into building a relationship with us throughout the search and buying process made this the most enjoyable purchase my wife and I have done.


Jason C. Hahn, CEA

We had a great experience with Cheryl as our agent. I would recommend her to anyone in a heartbeat. Not only did she represent us well, she always kept us in the loop and guided us through the process of becoming a new homeowner.

Ashley & Jon Hawes

Cheryl was GREAT! We looked at houses one weekend and found our dream home. Within a month, we were closing and shortly after, we moved in. We were able to spend the holidays in our new home with our loved ones. As first time home buyers, Cheryl guided us and helped us every step of the way. She’s the BEST.…

Maruxa & Peter Lawrence

Cheryl is the best agent in the Northern Virginia area! I can’t say enough how happy my husband and I are that we found her! We met her when we were looking for a home to rent right after we got married. We were so happy with her that we went straight to her AGAIN when we wanted to buy a house two years later!
What makes her great is that she is a knowledgeable, enthusiastic, honest, and a persistence little puppy! And I mean that in the best way possible!
(1) KNOWLEDGEABLE: She KNOWS the ins and outs about home structures. She identifies which windows are good, which water heater units could be trouble, which garage openers are dangerous and will need to be replaced. This takes a lot of pressure off of us to research everything, and made us feel at ease about investing in the home we want.
(2) ENTHUSIASTIC: She listened to what we wanted and she not only provided us with homes to look at, but she also happily went with us to look at homes that weren’t on her list (because they didn’t meet the criteria we gave her, but we still had a desire to see). Some realtors are obnoxious about that, not Cheryl. Cheryl was enthusiastic, energetic, and respectful of our time and interests; and she never grew tiresome.
(3) HONEST & PERSISTENT: When time to negotiate, we had no doubt that she had our best interest in mind. She’s gone head-to-head more than once for us. She will FIGHT for fair compensation or replacement of troublesome/warn parts of the home. She will not be badgered or intimidated by the seller. That in itself made everything worthwhile. We KNEW that with her, we were getting the home we really wanted, safe of serious issues, and at the best price possible. Heck, she fought a retired navy officer who was defending the price and condition of the home we ended up renting. All due respect to our military, but you know that’s one tough cookie to go up against, and our little Cheryl did not back down. She intelligently and calmly explained why the price should be lowered. And that navy officer called US to ask for her contact info when it came time to sell their home! That’s how impressive Cheryl is!
When it’s time to upgrade in a few years, we absolutely will call Cheryl. (And we’ve worked with other realtors before her, so we know what we’re talking about.) Service provided: Helped us buy a home or lot/land in Leesburg, VA

Gizelle & Ed White

Cheryl, Tom & Tony,

Grace and I want to use this medium to express our profound gratitude to the trio for a wonderful job you did.

Actually, we lack words to convey our depth of thanks. You were simply a perfect combination, and your teamwork is second to none. Tony, was the originator, Cheryl, the facilitator and Tom, the finisher. The zeal and expertise they bring into the job is second to known. They deserve the award as the agents of the millineum, because they complete the job once it is started. Thank you for your large hearts. The team is certainly unbeatable.

Thank you, for your counseling, guidance and time and energy, the trio put into the project.

Chris Osezua Okoeguale

Thank you for all the help you gave us over the last few months as we successfully found and purchased our home in Leesburg.

Being veterans of the purchase and sale of five other homes over the years makes it meaningful when Natalie and I say that this was the smoothest and most enjoyable real estate transaction we’ve ever been involved in. From our initial discussion with Bob Lundberg, all the way through to the final walk through and settlement, we felt very comfortable with the process. We appreciated his low pressure approach, but at all times we felt fully informed and could plainly see that he was energetic and engaged in assisting us. His communications to us were timely and informative, and this enabled us to quite rapidly determine the right neighborhood for us and was invaluable in the negotiation process. He was on top of all the ongoing contractual issues as well, and as a result, we proceeded to settlement with no major issues.
We are very happy with how it ended, but also appreciate the ease with which we got to that happy ending. Please feel free to share this letter with prospective clients. Should anybody want to discuss our experience with us, please have them give either Natalie or myself a call or an email, and we will gladly oblige. Thanks again.

Very truly yours,

J. Paul Hoppenjans

Being new to VA to start a new job, Bob Lundberg was outstanding in understanding my housing needs while I was still out of state. Following up promptly upon my arrival with good accurate information while always being accessible and courteous made dealing with Bob a pleasure. I now live in a nice VA neighborhood and in a place that I love and am happy that I trusted Bob to find the place of my dreams.


We had a great experience with Bob Lundberg and would definitely recommend him. Bob did an exceptional job of pointing out exactly what needed to be fixed in order to rent our house quickly. The entire process was painless. We left overseas prior to renting the home and we were confident that he would lease our rental property. We ended up renting our home within one week of putting it on the market.

Mike H.

Relocating can be an absolute nightmare. Especially when you’re moving your family thousands of miles across the ocean into a place you’ve never lived before. This was the dilemma I faced about one month ago when I accepted a promotion to move from the Virgin Islands to Virginia. It was a quick turnaround so my wife and I only had one week to complete our house-hunting trip. We were desperate to find a good location for our children to attend school and without an address in Virginia our kids could not be enrolled. That’s when we met Tony Feijoo. Tony came highly recommended from a friend who Tony helped tremendously with the purchase of a new home. Our friend raved about Tony’s ethics, integrity, and faith. Our experience has perfectly mirrored what our friend had assured us. Boy, are we glad we met him!

Tony met with us, assessed our needs and we were off and running. We looked at house after house – at least seven per day – from Monday to Friday, practically on a non-stop business. Tony would not rest until he was sure we found a place that completely suited our needs. Because of his diligence and attention to detail, we were able to finally find a place at the end of the week, sign an agreement, and get the children enrolled in school.

We could never have achieved any of this without Tony’s commitment and hard work. We are forever grateful and you will be to. Thanks Tony!

Mike and Elise Ware

From the beginning of our business relationship with Tony Feijoo he has always been open, forthright, and perceptive to our interests.When asked he always gave what we believed to be his honest impression and or opinion to a question based on his experience and training in the real estate profession. Our success in our new home was achieved through Tony’s drive and initiative toward customer satisfaction. We hope to use Tony’s services again when we decide to purchase a home and we would recommend Tony to any of our friends.

Thank you,
Doug and Najela Austin

Working with Tony Feijoo to purchase our house from overseas, without even having seen it, has been a fantastic experience from start to finish. Tony is on top of his game in every single aspect from reviewing the property for us via video to reminding us to change the locks. He knows his business inside and out and does not let any detail slip by. He was especially helpful in dealing with difficult negotiations and financial issues. We would not hesitate for a second in recommending Tony to others for their real estate needs.

Miguel & Carina Rodriguez

My home purchase became probably one of Tony’s most stressful settlements. I looked for months and months. Tony kept saying “When it is right, it will happen…HAVE FAITH VIRGINIA!”. Along the way, he kept pushing everyone night and day to get me my house,a house I never dreamed I could have as a single mother of two kids. Meanwhile Im losing it and Tony is not feeling well himself. Tony never gave up on my dream which he promised me he would make happen. To this day he would do anything for me and I know in my heart he would. I mean his whole family was involved in this settlement with me! When you meet him, he will do what he tells you he will do as long as you have FAITH in him. Tony is the best man I know and I would definitely recommend him to anyone who has a dream of owning a home.

Virginia Nutter

“We can’t say enough good things about Tony Feijoo and his team. They went above and beyond to help us sell our home and to have a new one built. Tony was able to get us the full asking price for our home, and because of his careful planning and preparation, got the contract in a little over 8 hours of the listing going live. He guided us through de-cluttering, staging, pricing and listing, and in the end, got the job done quickly! Even when the buyers inspection found some unexpected problems, Tony helped us get the issues resolved so our buyers were very happy at closing. When we decided to have a new home built, Tony was with us every step of the way. From contract, to pre-construction, inspections and closing, he helped us from start to finish. Thank you so much Tony! Now that you’ve helped us get into our dream home, we don’t plan to move again any time soon. When we do though, we will be sure to call on your outstanding services again.”

Best Wishes,
Danelle & Michael Phipps


In the real estate buying and selling business, it is often difficult to find someone that truly cares for their clients. In fact, the term “care” is often taken lightly in the industry, and utilized as a marketing ploy. It is often easily said, but not put into real practice. You, and the way you conduct your business, prove that there is a better way to buy and sell real estate. With you, the client always comes first. It is refreshing to see someone in the business that really does value his customers and their well-being.
During the course of our purchase transaction, you always placed us before yourself, and that is something very unique in the industry. It is a principle that you believe in, first do good, and it makes for a smooth, honest, enjoyable home buying experience, and a trustworthy relationship. You bring to your customers a wealth of experience, and are forthcoming and honest about a property, even if it means steering your customers away from a sale.
You have not only gained a client, but a longtime friend. Keep up the excellent work, and continue to help those in need while buying their homes.

Our Best Wishes and Regards,”

Olsen and Adriana Salgado

“I’ve used Tony on both the selling and buying of my home. He is an excellent realtor!! It is not a business transaction to him. Once you sign on with him, he treats you as family and will have your best interest in mind. There is never any pressure from him when you try to buy. If the house isn’t right he won’t talk you into buying it. If you do decide to buy the house he goes to bat for you and gets the best deal possible! If you use him as a seller’s agent he will get you the best possible deal in this very horrible market. He tells you how to stage your house, he’ll get you an excellent handyman to do any necessary repairs, and he’ll do as many open houses as needed to sell your home. He is also very very detailed oriented. With him you won’t ever have a problem with the paperwork. I’ve never seen anyone cross his t’s and dot his i’s as carefully as he does. You won’t regret using Tony as your realtor that is guaranteed.”

Will Weng

“Tony Feijoo is hands down the best Realtor around. I would highly recommend Tony to anyone looking to buy or sell a home. I recently bought a townhouse and Tony was awesome – he works hard, is up front about every part to expect in the process, and will make sure to find what you are looking for down to the last tiny detail! He was up at 11pm with me one night working to get a contract ratified to make sure to get it done before any other offers came in to compete with. Tony was in constant communication with me daily through the whole process, and made buying my first home worry free and easy. Even after buying the home, Tony stays in contact to make sure you are still happy with your purchase – he was recommended to me by a friend who still receives occasional emails from Tony two years later and gets Lowe’s coupons from him. Tony was available any hour of the day to answer any questions I had, and frequently said ‘don’t go to bed with a question, call me so I can put your mind at ease’ which was awesome as a first time home-buyer I had many many questions. He is up to date on the current state of the market and works well negotiating with other realtors. If you want a dedicated, knowledgeable, up-front realtor who will find exactly what you want in a home, definitely go with Tony Feijoo!!”

Jenny W., Sterling VA

“Tony is a real pro. As someone who lives overseas, I needed a full service Realtor, someone to really look out for my interests when I am not able to be there in person. Even after the sale was concluded, Tony made himself available to help me protect my investment. In addition to being a fine Realtor, Tony is a good man. And when you are making such a large investment, you need someone you trust and who shares your values. I look forward to working with Tony for years to come.”

Neil O’Connor
Foreign Services Community

“We found Tony through the recommendations of many friends and colleagues, and today we couldn’t be happier with our home buying experience. Because we were not only first time home buyers, but also doing this long-distance, Tony had to go to extra effort to walk us through the process, which he did with great patience and understanding. He also far exceeded any expectations we might have had about the home buying experience when during a short 1-week visit to the area, he not only found our dream home, but put us back on the plane with an actual contract and closing date. Through every step of the way, Tony guided us with professionalism and friendship. We look forward to working with Tony again in the future!”

Jeff & Katherine Genest
Foreign Services Community

“I was introduced to Tony by some friends who had used him previously, and had nothing but high praise for him. Prior to meeting Tony, I had worked with three other realtors, none of whom were attentive enough to my needs. I spent several hours every night researching properties so I could provide them additional listings for us to “check out” as I was not satisfied with what they were providing me. By this time I was exhausted, very frustrated, and extremely anxious to find a home. However, upon meeting Tony, my experience changed immediately. Tony listened to my needs and requirements, and was very adamant that he could find me exactly what I was looking for. He honestly exceeded my expectations throughout the entire process and was very diligent with staying in contact with me daily – sometimes several times a day to the point where I felt like his only client. This was obviously not the case, but he genuinely demonstrated an interest throughout the process which added a very welcomed personal touch to my experience. As a first time home buyer, Tony also ensured that I understood every aspect of the process and was very patient and thorough with explaining terminology and what I could anticipate. Thanks to Tony’s diligence and persistence, I now have a great property in a location that I very much enjoy. Tony, thank you very much, and don’t take it lightly when I say you are a God-send!”

Lisa Phillips
Foreign Services Community

“Mr. Tony Feijoo helped me greatly when my wife and I bought our first house in March 2008. I was introduced to him through my co-workers who also bought their houses through Mr. Feijoo in the past. At first, we had no knowledge on buying a house, but Mr. Feijoo quickly found out what we were looking for and provided us with many helpful resources. He was very diligent and responsible to take us around many different houses until we found the ones we liked within the budget. He was very professional and careful with negotiating the prices within our budget and always stood on our side as an advisor. My wife and I are very happy that we bought our first home through Mr. Feijoo, and we have already been recommending many friends to him.

My wife and my experiences with Mr. Feijoo are described with the following words: professional, responsible, thoughtful, careful, able to forecast the future market, like-a-father, tireless, wonderful advisor, always look for the best deal for customer, comfortable, work for perfection.”


Mr. and Mrs. Hwang

“Our friends referred us to Tony Feijoo during the summer of ’08 to try to sell our house during the harsh market. Tony managed to sell our house in ONE day at the exact price that we wanted! Tony guided us through the entire process, which was rather emotional. He even got on a ladder to do some last minute touch ups on the house the day before closing.
Moreover, although our family had many different likes and dislikes, Tony patiently managed to find the right home for us during a very limited time, as we wanted our children to begin school right away. Again, Tony was courteous, kind and a true professional. Tony is incredibly resourceful. He always had and still has the right answers for all of our questions, and was very friendly and welcoming with our entire family.”

Debbie and Jim Comstock
Foreign Services Community

“Tony Feijoo was referred to us by a family member. From our experience we can not say anything but good things about Tony. He helped us find our home and advised us through every step of the process. We liked his professionalism and attention to detail so much that we didn’t hesitate to contact him again when we decided to purchase our second home. He definitely went the extra mile to make sure we got an awesome deal. We highly recommend him to anyone looking for an outstanding realtor. Tony is a great Realtor but above all he is a great human being. ”

Juan M. and Gabriela Zubiaga

“More than a realtor, Tony is a friend for life. As first time home buyers, it was comforting to have Tony provide guidance throughout the home buying process. Listening to our laundry lists of wants, he used his knowledge of the area to find homes that met our needs. He was extremely patient as we toured the homes, and as we were not familiar with the area, he provided valuable unbiased insight into the neighborhoods. After finding our perfect home, Tony used his knowledge of the market and shrewd negotiating skills to ensure we paid a fair price. Tony has gone above and beyond our expectations, and we recommend him to all of our friends.”

Ken and Ann Negley
Foreign Services Community

“We were purchasers from out of State and Tony was always informing us of available properties and local information. He was so aware of our needs that he received information regarding a new lisiting while we were writing an offer on a property. He stopped what we were doing and went to the new listing. We loved the new listing and bought it. Whenever we still have questions about our new area, he urges us to call and he provides great help. Thanks for looking out for us!”

Bob and Terri Lundberg

“Tony is terrific. He did not pressure us into anything and helped us find a home that was in our price range and suited our needs no matter how long that took. He showed us every property with a smile. Tony is professional, personable, and gets the job done efficiently. Thanks again Tony!”

David and Lisa Alexander

“If you’re looking to buy a house then Tony Feijoo is the guy you want to see. His knowledge of the market in the Northern Virginia area allows him to find the house your searching for at the price you want to pay. Tony listened to my needs and found me the house I was looking for at a great price within days of our first meeting. Not to mention that he treats you like family. I highly recommend Tony Feijoo.”

Mark Friend

“Una persona extraordinaria, muy profesional y sobretodo un buen amigo. Alguien en quien puedes contar y confiar. Mi experiencia con el ha sido muy buena, hemos tenido varias oportunidades en que me ha ayudado mas de la cuenta, no solo en conseguir las casas perfectas para mi y mi familia sino además entiende lo que necesito. Tony es de las personas que no descansa hasta que un cliente este totalmente satisfecho, siembre busca el máximo beneficio para sus clientes, no solo demuestra excelencia en lo que hace profesionalmente, además esta contigo en las buenas y en las malas, una persona en la que puedes confiar al 100%. Muy recomendable, habla español y también ingles, sobresaliente negociador. Todo un profesional!”

José Luis Rojas
Sterling, VA

“During the course of the purchase of my home, Tony went out of his way to guide me through the process of finding my new home. He gathered the required information and helped me find my property based upon the location I desired and my budget. He was also instrumental in locating my new office within a ten (10) day period and further negotiated the lease terms within two (2) weeks. His guidance and knowledge of the Real Estate Industry is superb and I highly recommend Tony Feijoo.”

Dr. Mi Suk Kim

Tony met with us, assessed our needs and we were off and running. We looked at house after house – at least seven per day – from Monday to Friday, practically on a non-stop business. Tony would not rest until he was sure we found a place that completely suited our needs. Because of his diligence and attention to detail, we were able to finally find a place at the end of the week, sign an agreement, and get the children enrolled in school.

We could never have achieved any of this without Tony’s commitment and hard work. We are forever grateful and you will be too. Thanks Tony!