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REALTORS® can choose from a variety of Brokerages. So why would you choose MAXVALUE, REALTORS®?

We’re Serious About Your Success!

MAXVALUE, REALTORS®, is a Christ–centered Real Estate Brokerage that is committed to offering personal growth through excellence in every transaction. We invest in our Realtors success by positioning their business to profit from both change and the new economy. We define our success by the number of lives we change by serving our clients wholeheartedly in accordance with Biblical principles.

MAXVALUE, REALTORS® will encourage you to change the way you think about the Real Estate industry, your roles, your values and yourself. When you join our MAXVALUE, REALTORS® family, we will explore together the role of effective and efficient systems to get better results, and to propel your goals to succeed in any market condition.

What you have read thus far represents the corporate vision of MAXVALUE, REALTORS®. Since having a clear sense of vision is central to the success of any organization, having a clear understanding of that vision is vital to the FIT of each individual connected to the organization.

We use the acronym “F.I.T.” to help assess each candidate‘s fitness for MAXVALUE, REALTORS®.

The “F” in F.I.T. stands for Faithful – to be faithful to the vision of MAXVALUE, REALTORS®. To be faithful is to be thorough in performing tasks connected to the vision, and loyal in one’s allegiance to the vision.

The “I” in F.I.T. stands for Inspired – to be inspired by the vision of MAXVALUE, REALTORS®. To be inspired is to be significantly influenced by a vision, and to be prompted by that vision toward a passionate quest of excellence.

And the “T” in F.I.T. stands for Teachable – to be teachable from the vision of MAXVALUE, REALTORS®. To be teachable is to be open to instruction, guidance and direction from the vision, and to be open to accountability to the principles flowing from the vision.

As an associate of MAXVALUE, REALTORS®, you will be challenged to get out of your comfort zone. You will create new working habits releasing obstacles from the past, and make strategic changes in your priorities for the sake of your family and faith. None of us will ever be as smart as all of us. This will take dedication and discipline, but it can change your life.

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If you are interested in learning more about joining MAXVALUE, REALTORS® , please fill out the form below or call me directly at 571-246-2406. We look forward to talking with you.

Many Blessings,

Tony Feijoo

Principal Broker